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Tips To Maintain Your Medical Equipment So It Lasts Longer

Tips To Maintain Your Medical Equipment So It Lasts Longer

If you want to extend the life of your medical equipment, then you need to perform medical equipment maintenance. Maintaining your equipment through daily upkeep can keep your equipment at peak performance. To avoid the expensive costs of replacing equipment prematurely or turning patients away due to broken machinery, take certain steps to keep your equipment healthy.

How To Maintain Your Medical Equipment

If you want your medical equipment to last longer, taking care of it can help. You can help your equipment last longer with daily upkeep and regular professional maintenance.

Keep Up on Medical Equipment Maintenance

One of the best ways to extend the life of your medical equipment is to keep up with its maintenance needs. Upkeep should be performed by technicians who are experienced in medical equipment maintenance and have certain certifications. If maintenance is done on a piece of biomedical equipment, you should make sure your technician is a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) or has a similar certification. These technicians should know how to fix and maintain your equipment so that it meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. Some medical facilities find it easiest to set up an ongoing maintenance plan with a company they trust.

Keep Equipment Clean

Keep your equipment free from dirt and dust to help avoid equipment issues. When equipment is not cleaned regularly, grime can start to interfere with its function. It is also best to keep medical equipment clean from bacteria for the safety of the patients and staff. The cleaning solution that cleaners should use on equipment can vary between machines, so follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions carefully.

Only Use Equipment for Its Intended Use

Staff should be aware of each piece of equipment’s purpose and limitations. Using equipment specifically for its intended use and no other functions can help it last longer. Train staff to properly use and care for each piece of equipment.

Turn Equipment Off When Not in Use

If no one is using a piece of equipment, turning it off can help avoid overheating and overuse. Doing so may help your facility save power as well.

Train Staff on How To Maintain Equipment

Staff should receive training on how to clean equipment and how to run regular tests to make sure the equipment is working properly. Anyone that regularly works with the equipment should also know the equipment’s protocols and needs. When users know how to handle and maintain equipment, it can help increase its longevity and decrease downtime.

Store Equipment Safely

Equipment should be stored in a dry, clean, and cool place. Warmth and moisture can encourage bacteria growth, potentially harming your equipment and your patients. These conditions can help protect your machinery from corrosion or rust. Storing equipment away from high-traffic areas can also help avoid trips and falls, keeping the equipment and staff safe.

Consider Warranties

It might be beneficial to have a warranty for expensive or heavily used equipment. A warranty through the manufacturer or a third party can help you keep up with your maintenance schedule. Warranties can also protect you from the cost of losing your equipment and can sometimes provide you with a rental while your equipment is being serviced.

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Decrease Downtime by Maintaining Your Equipment

Keeping up with medical equipment maintenance can help decrease your machinery’s downtime. When your equipment is in working condition, you do not have to turn patients away while you wait for your equipment to be repaired. Maintenance can also help you avoid needing to replace your equipment sooner than expected. Use high-quality technicians, keep your equipment clean, and correctly train staff to extend the life of your medical equipment.



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