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Things I wish I had known before my first flight on Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines has certain rules and protocols for a safe journey for the passengers. Frontier Airlines baggage cost and dimensions are crucial to consider before heading towards the airport. It would be better to have the information and understanding about those points before starting your Frontier flight Journey. Here we are sharing some of the most interesting and important facts related to Frontier Airlines.

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Seating Method in Frontier

One of the things Spirit aircraft are best known for are their cramped and uncomfortable seats, which mostly have very little legroom and no padding, making them feel very hard. The seats are also typically narrower than those on other airlines, so you should be ready for a stiff and uncomfortable flight.

Complimentary Item is Free in Frontier Airlines

Try to pack only limited belongings which are important for your Spirit Airlines flight. Other airlines provide free or reasonably priced carry-on and checked baggage; however, Spirit provides travellers with a single complimentary personal item.
The dimensions of this item must not exceed 18 by 14 by 8 inches, or approximately the size of a laptop bag or pocketbook. Additional fees apply to checked baggage and any carry-on items.

Weight restrictions and costs for Frontier Airlines

The costs associated with carry-ons and checked luggage are similar in that they depend on the airline and the time of day you add a bag to your ticket. Checked luggage has the same weight limit as carry-on bags: forty pounds. Additionally, the pricing range is rather similar. The cost of your first checked bag can range from $49 to $99, but it also depends totally on your travel and the time you add a bag.

Frontier Check-in Process and Timing

These choices include self-service airport kiosks, online and mobile check-in, and conventional check-in desks. There are other ways to check in for your flight besides the widely used and effective online check-in method. To save stress and save time, Frontier Airlines highly advises customers to use their online check-in service. Online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and closes 60 minutes before domestic and international flights.

Additionally, Frontier Airlines has a mobile check-in option that lets you finish the check-in procedure right from your smartphone. Frontier has several on-site choices, including self-service kiosks, if you prefer a more hands-on check-in procedure.
These kiosks, which let you check in by scanning your boarding card or inputting your confirmation code, are positioned thoughtfully around airport terminals.

Frontier Charges for Sport Items

Flying Frontier could be a good option if you travel a lot for your sport or pastime in order to save money on airfare. However, Frontier charges extra for several common athletic goods when it comes to luggage. For example, the cost of a bicycle is $75 each way, fixed rate.
In one backpack, passengers may fit up to two surfboards, each costing $100. After that, normal baggage costs, including overweight charges, apply to items like golf clubs, skis, and snowboards.

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