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Top 4 Points That Can Help You Choose the Best Immigration Consultancy


In the past, only rich people had a dream of studying abroad, while middle-class people thought about it but didn’t proceed further. Only 2-3% of students from middle-class families moved to study abroad before the 90s. However, if we look at the present scenario, students from middle-class families are more excited to move abroad. In the excitement to reach abroad in no time, they fall into various traps and get scammed. 

To save you from such frauds, we have written this article and provided some tips that will help you choose the best immigration consultancy. For sure, these tips will help you choose reliable consultants that are specialized in dealing with the student visa or tourist visa of the country you are going to apply for. For instance, if you want to get the right consultation for a UK study visa, these tips will help you find the best UK study visa consultants in Jalandhar

Here are the top 4 points you can follow to pick the best immigration consultancy for your visa application: 

  • Check google reviews 

Before relying on any immigration consultant, you need to check whether it is worth investing there or not. So, why not know the experience of people who have already invested their time and valuable money there? Simply check google reviews of the various consultants on the internet. Don’t just stay confined to the consultants in your locality, instead figure out reviews of the consultants in your nearby area as well. If you are finding out low ratings and a number of negative reviews on a particular profile. Remove it from your list. Beware of negative reviews, you have to analyze which reviews are genuine or fake to make the right decision. After following this step, you will surely get a filtered list from which one could be your final decision. 

  • Check their website 

You can easily know about the services offered by a consultancy and their credibility level through the website. Go to the website, and scrutinize each and every detail including their background, the services provided by them, terms and conditions, policy, etc. Moreover, search for the top keywords related to the immigration sector to check which company’s website appears at the top. Let us tell you that the results shown at the top of SERP show the reliability level of the agency and most people prefer getting services from that consultancy whose website appears on the top. 

Along with all these details check the security rate of the website. There are many tools on the internet through which you can find out the age of the domain name. It will help you know for how long the websites exist on the internet. Only domain age isn’t enough, you have to know whether the website has an SSL certificate or not. After checking all these parameters, it will be easy for you to make the best decision. 

  • License is must 

Is the immigration consultancy you are planning to rely on authorized or not? How can you get to know about this? By finding out whether the consultancy is certified and has a valid license or not. Never trust agents who refuse to show their license. It directly indicates that these are not liable. Fraudsters usually change the topic when someone asks them about the license. So, whosoever does this, make sure to cut his name off from your list. 

  • A wide experience in the field 

Is the consultant familiar with the nitty and gritty of the visa process and the latest norms? Is your agent able to tackle unfavorable circumstances throughout your visa journey process? Let us tell you that the consultant who has an immense experience in the field is aware of the laws, rules and various immigration policies and does his best to bring you positive results. So, before shaking hands with an immigration consultancy, know about their background and past records. Ask various questions and know how long they have been working in the immigration sector. If they answer your questions perfectly and leave no doubt behind, you can easily trust them. Doing so will help you get your USA study visa, Canada study visa, UK study visa or any other visa as per your preference in the least possible time. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, in this era where fraud agents are playing with people’s emotions, tricking them and getting a huge sum of money, there is a need to be cautious. So, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps to save yourself from being trapped.


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