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How Can the Phone Be Tapped?

How Can the Phone Be Tapped

To begin with, the official name of the wiretapping procedure is A system of technical means to support investigation and prosecution functions. If abbreviated, “SORM”. Similar technology is used in many countries, where a special module is already built into each switchboard. An interesting fact is that without a wiretapping service, mobile phone operators cannot obtain a license to operate. At least this is true for Russia and many CIS countries.

What are some of the ways to hack mobile phones? Actually there are many methods, only a small part of them:

  • Connection with SS7: This method is most commonly used by malicious actors and hacker organizations. Listening is done through the subscriber’s number, to which a special SRI4SM request is sent. In response to this message, the international identifier of the subscriber and the address of the switchboard of the mobile telephone operator are sent. The data obtained is entered into the billing system, giving the attacker full access to the person’s conversations.
  • Using the SORM line: As already mentioned, many telecom operators use this system at the request of law enforcement. It is not difficult to guess that, without authorization, security services can access almost any phone. The same can be said for mobile phone operators, who have no problem accessing calls and conversations.
  • Use of special programs: A special application can be purchased from the hacking software market that will tap into the phone of a selected victim. It is easy to fall into that trap. All you have to do is install a Trojan that discreetly collects all the information. That is why it is better not to download anything from unknown websites.

These are the most commonly used methods for examining conversations and collecting data. You may wonder, is there any way to know if a phone is tapped? The answer is yes.

Listening Cues

And here are the main signs that could indicate that a smartphone has been intervened:

  • Increased heat and rapid discharge of the battery: There are many applications installed on a modern device that access RAM in one way or another. All of this leads to higher power consumption and consequently battery depletion. However, if your phone has simply been idle for a long period of time with the Internet turned off, background apps closed and hot, it is a serious indication that a Trojan is at work.
  • Frequent failures and errors: In the Android operating system, small errors can sometimes occur, and there is nothing to do without them. But when it happens with deliberate regularity, you have to be alert. Your phone shouldn’t shut down, restart, or reset for no apparent reason. If this happens, it is likely that your smartphone is being intervened.
  • Abnormal noises during conversations: Do you hear strange noises or interference when you talk on the phone? This is a compelling reason to think about a possible tapping on your device. And if you also hear voices that interfere, it’s a good idea to try to disable listening through combinations or applications on your Android.

If you know any of these signs, the probability of an unauthorized wiretap occurring is quite high.

Effective Methods of Protection

  • It is almost impossible to protect yourself from official eavesdropping, as law enforcement uses special technology. However, the following tips can help prevent sensitive data from being made public:
  • Do not give out your personal phone number to strangers or people you have not known well for a long time.
  • Avoid installing programs downloaded from unknown sources on your device. Use the official app store instead of services on Google Play.
  • Make calls through messengers. They are more protected from wiretapping. For example, you can use the same
  • Do not connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Regularly check your smartphone for viruses. Antivirus applications can help in this regard.

By following these simple guidelines, you can safeguard your personal data and protect your privacy.

How to Check If an Android Is Bugged?

It is not always possible to tell with general signals that a person or organization is monitoring your conversations. It is better to use special codes and combinations to check it. And to turn off eavesdropping, turn to apps with specific targets.

Combinations and Codes on Smartphones?

You can check if your Android phone is bugged using special USSD commands. You have to enter them in the dialing field and then press the headset icon. These are the basic combinations:

  • Code – *#43#:¬†Open the phone and enter this combination in the dial area. Press the call button and wait for the information box to appear. Pay attention to the line “The service is connected to”. Nothing should appear below it at this point, except for the “Voice Communication” parameter. If there is a point “Call waiting”, it is very likely that your smartphone is intervened.
  • Code – *#21#: A great command to check call forwarding. As before, type it in the check box and tap the phone icon. In the window that appears, you should see the information that call forwarding is disabled. If the calls are transferred to someone else, your phone is probably tapped.
  • Code – *#62#: Through this combination, you can find out the specific phone number for which call forwarding is enabled. Open the check box and enter this USSD request. Press the call button and wait for the special window to appear. In the article “Voice communication” it will indicate the specific number to which the calls are being diverted. If there is no number, it is a good sign: the mobile phone is not tapped.

A universal command can be used to deactivate all types of call forwarding. Enter the combination in the dial bar ##002# and press the call button.



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