TechnologyWhat is Gimkit? Is it Good For Students?

What is Gimkit? Is it Good For Students?


Gimkit is a platform for classroom game shows where learners compete by using their electronic gadgets to solve questions. Students gain virtual currency instead of points in Gimkit, which they can “invest” during the course of play to raise their scores.

What is used for?

Students can compete and gauge their academic knowledge in an instantaneous, group-based quiz game.

What are the benefits?

Instead of just skimming over important topics, this feature makes sure users fully grasp vital ideas. Additionally, it aids in helping individuals remember essential knowledge for a long amount of time and keeps it current in their minds. 

How does do it help students?

It allows users to load Quizlet sets to quickly create a “kit” and allows instructors and students to generate multiple choice questions from new for any subject area.

The chance to earn “money” is one of Gimkit’s motivating aspects.

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Is it good for learning?

The typical question-and-answer structure was proven to be less effective at teaching knowledge than this kind of game.   

How does it work?

After registering, a teacher can use Gimkit right away. After registering, a teacher can use Gimkit right away. Simple sign-up methods include using an email address or a Google account, which is easier for schools already using that system. This is specifically true when importing rosters. A teacher can assign both live class-wide modes and individual quizzes after importing a roster.  

Through the website or an email invitation, students can participate in a class activity. Or they can utilize a code that the teacher can distribute using the learning management system of their choice. In addition to game controls, this enables evaluation and data analytics, but more on that is provided below. 

What are the best features?

It has a kit Collab mode that enables students to work with the teacher to create the quiz before the game starts. When the group is divided into groups, this can be especially helpful because everyone benefits from the effort of coming up with really difficult yet instructive questions. Quiz games are known as kits, and they can be made from the ground up, imported from Quizlet, loaded as a CSV file, or selected from the platform’s gallery and customized for your needs.

The in-game currency is a great technique to keep pupils interested. The virtual cash is given away for each accurate response. But if you choose the incorrect response, it will cost you. With these credits, you can buy score-boosting power-ups and other enhancements. 

Customizable quizzes: Teachers can create their own quizzes with multiple-choice questions, images, and videos.

Game-like format: Gimkit turns quizzes into interactive games, where students earn virtual currency and can use it to purchase power-ups and upgrades.

Real-time feedback: Teachers can see students’ progress and understanding in real-time, allowing for immediate intervention or additional support.

Leaderboards and competition: Gimkit encourages friendly competition among students, as they can see their rankings on leaderboards and strive to earn the most points.

Integration with other platforms: Gimkit can be integrated with learning management systems like Google Classroom, making it easy for teachers to assign and track quizz

How can one join?

Students and teachers must either create a free account on the website or log in with their Gimkit program password if they have a current one. There are other flights besides Will, including its pro, which provide access and other benefits to any instructor enrolled in the institution’s program. If you’re searching for a fun way to liven up class reviews, check it out. However, Visit our store to take a look at it after using the most advanced and cutting-edge educational technologies for your research and study.


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