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What is Omnique? Auto Repair Shop Management Software for Beginners


Omnique provides users with a comprehensive shop management software solution designed to expand their automotive business in today’s fast-paced environment. Its various features include estimating, parts ordering and appointment scheduling; things that you can learn more about below.

What is Omnique?

Omnique is an all-in-one shop management software solution designed to assist automotive repair shops in expanding their businesses in today’s highly competitive industry. Users of the software are assisted with estimating labor times, parts ordering and inventory control while marketing and sales automation is provided as part of its package. Hosted on the cloud allows technicians, back office staff and service advisors access whenever and wherever necessary.

According to this site, it is a privately held and Colorado-based software development firm with annual estimated revenues estimated to exceed 1 Million USD and employing more than 200 people globally, Carsoft Solutions offers software solutions for the automotive industry with primary customers being auto dealers, repair shops, and insurance companies as primary users of its software solutions.

Key products offered include an estimate calculator tool for service estimates; digital vehicle inspection tool; branded portal; text messaging feature among many more products that help its primary customer base stay ahead of competition.

Omnique is integrated with the DigitalDashboard dealer management system and allows dealerships to seamlessly transfer customer and vehicle information from DigitalDashboard into their service department. This ensures all service department personnel have access to the most up-to-date customer and vehicle data. Any changes made in DigitalDashboard are instantly reflected within Omnique for instantaneous estimates, repair orders, customer records and estimates creation and management.

Integrated Service Estimator

Integrated Service Estimator

Omnique was developed with efficiency and profitability in mind, making it a powerful asset that will help your auto repair shop achieve new levels of success. This auto shop management software boasts several useful features such as its graphical dashboard that offers you a snapshot of your financial status and performance as well as its integrated service estimator, enabling users to quickly generate estimates for routine maintenance, repairs, or any other service quickly and efficiently.

Omnique provides several packages tailored specifically to the needs of auto shops. A basic version is free for use and offers unlimited estimates, customer profiles and email and text messaging; while its Advanced package adds multi-bay scheduling, vehicle inspections, digital photo and video capabilities as well as customizable color-coded parts matrix – perfect for automating workflow and also acting as an online sales tool.

Omnique stands out as an integrated solution by seamlessly connecting with third-party applications like accounting systems, automotive diagnostics and remarketing services. New Relic – an observability platform used by developers and IT teams alike to measure and analyze software performance – integrates as well. New Relic can monitor networks, infrastructure applications, end user experiences as well as machine learning models.

Users can take advantage of its tire fitting and ordering feature to customize jobs according to customer needs, ordering the appropriate tires for vehicles in customer work orders and invoices – saving both time and money while increasing revenue.

Dealer Management System

The Dealer Management System is an integrated software program designed to help automotive repair shops work quickly in today’s fast-paced automotive industry. Its features include estimate creation, parts ordering and appointment scheduling; integration with local component suppliers and labor time estimates for shop managers; as well as access from any location by technicians and service advisors through its cloud platform.

The dealer management system provided by this software enables auto dealerships to create, track and invoice vehicle service jobs. Users have access to their inventory and accounting functions, enabling them to view potential opportunities for additional services or parts sales as well as improve customer retention while stimulating revenue growth.

Omnique and AMS have recently joined forces to offer independent dealerships an integrated sales and service solution. By pairing DigitalDashboard dealer management system with Omnique, dealers can reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry. This integration ensures staff always has access to up-to-date vehicle and customer data.

For an easier estimating experience, this software features a drag-and-drop vehicle diagram and allows users to easily add notes and photos. Its search function quickly locates parts for any job while its cost breakdown provides customers with a transparent account of their costs for every item purchased. In addition, its dealer management system supports multiple users while sharing information through email and text.

Omnique was developed by people experienced in the automotive business to help dealership service departments run more smoothly for both guests and employees, saving both time and money while offering seamless customer experiences. Omnique can meet the needs of any size shop with different pricing plans to meet any budget.

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Transend’s software integration enables quick and easy access to original Equipment Manufacturer (OE) diagnostic and repair information, including training materials and tips that improve technician efficiency and skill level. Technicians can perform their jobs with greater confidence as the integration with estimating/invoice systems ensures accurate estimates are generated quickly and completely.

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