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A New Way to Think About Teaching Maths

A New Way to Think About Teaching Maths

Teaching Maths is complex. It requires special attention, and sometimes you have to try things outside the box. Moreover, many children hate Maths. Hence, due to tricky concepts and formulas and equations, teachers need to develop an engaging way to teach children. Such a practice will boost their interest in the subject. Moreover, every example you give to students should have relevance to daily life. The tutor should be able to present concepts in a simple way. Such a teaching method can foster a love for Maths in children.

Another thing that tutors can try is to find out what works best for the students. Different students have different learning styles. Hence, you can adapt your lessons to fit their learning needs.

However, despite all efforts, some students cannot develop the necessary skills in Maths. If your child is one of those students who need support, online Maths tuition can help them to develop a love of learning and perform well in school. Our tutors teach your children in a playful, interactive and engaging way. No matter the progress level, with only a few study sessions, your child will start to show signs of improvement in the subject.

What Are Some Ways To Teach Maths In An Interesting Way to children?

1. Use Manipulatives

Manipulatives can facilitate effective and engaging Maths lessons. This tool helps students to clarify basic concepts in the subjects. Hence, it is perfect for students because it facilitates learning. Moreover, it is a valuable way to teach students addition and subtraction. Manipulative assists students in reaching the correct answer.

So, try additional activities with students using it.

For instance, if you want them to calculate what is the sum of 12. Students can create one pile of 6 items and another pile of 6 things. Once, they count the total number of items. They get the result.

2. Draw Pictures

In the case of highly complex Maths word problems, students can solve them by drawing diagrams or pictures. As a result, they’ll be able to visualise and grasp challenging concepts, such as algebra, geometry, and probability.

Using this approach can increase learners’ curiosity in calculations. It is helpful for those who do not have an innate affinity for the subject. Moreover, visual representation of concepts can also benefit students who find it boring.

Visualisation techniques work well for a lot of students. Tutors should create a visual map in the minds of pupils. This will help them comprehend tricky Maths concepts. Furthermore, there are a lot of apps and tools available online. These tools can make the concepts easier. Hence, you can encourage students to draw a picture of the concept. It will make the learning process simpler and will stay for a long time in students’ eyes.

3. Maths Games

Mathematics is the most crucial subject in the syllabus. Many students are fearful of approaching this subject. On the contrary, many pupils are naturally good at it. However, not all the students have the skill and expertise to perform well in the subject. Students are very interested in playing games, so this method is also very effective for you to reach them. You can make your Maths lesson more engaging this way. It will also boost critical thinking while enhancing students’ numerical skills.

When they play in groups, they can develop collaborative skills, or if they play alone, they will feel more confident. Playing competitive games allows them to learn how to lose gracefully and respectably, and how to cherish wins.

4. Teaching Maths With the Use of Technology

You can also make Maths lessons engaging by asking students to tell you what they have understood so far. The students should solve Maths problems and come up with their conclusions. As opposed to listening to the teacher tell them about a Maths problem.

Since the students would have already thought about the problem, they would be more involved in the lesson. It is more of active learning than a passive one. Another way to make Maths enjoyable is to use technology such as Smart Boards and handheld devices to make it more visual. The students can draw graphs, numbers and doodles on the SmartBoard.

5. Teaching Maths With Hands-on Approach

Every teacher knows worksheets are not engaging. The best Maths teaching involves finding practical examples of concepts and formulas. Additionally, tutors can provide students with problems related to their interests.

Challenge children to toss a volleyball with fractions written on it. There are a lot of Maths puzzles online. These puzzles improve their Maths skills. Moreover, it will help them learn a new concept in a way that is phenomenal and appealing for them.

Final Thoughts

When teaching Maths to pupils, teachers sometimes need to use their creativity. They will also have to keep in mind the specific learning style of each child. But, some students can never match the fast learning tempo of school.

For such students, the only option is to get extra support, so they don’t plummet behind. Many times, parents are worried about how they can be attentive to children’ educational needs and ease the pressure. If your child finds Maths boring, Maths learning tutors will give your child access to simple learning resources. From GCSE Maths to Science and English, our tutors provide support to students all over the UK.



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